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You’re Beautiful! Learn about our mentor program

You’re Beautiful!


In a society where beauty is defined by magazine covers and measured in likes many young ladies find it difficult to understand what true beauty entails. We are advocates for self-esteem and empowerment and we pour that mentality into our girls. We push our young ladies to see past the physical and speak from the heart on what beautiful looks like. This seminar is truly amazing because “it builds confidence in the participants and shows young ladies how loving it is to embrace and uplift another young woman. 

For makeup artists, the human face and body are the canvas. If you have passion for beauty and makeup and possess a creative edge, makeup artist training may be a great fit for you.

In a school of makeup, you will learn how to design makeup looks, pair makeup with hairstyles, apply corrective and full makeup, and customize makeup regimens for different people and much more. Though many schools offer specialized makeup-only programs, makeup artist certification is often paired with skills learned in a comprehensive cosmetology program.

 Our online Makeup Artist program is a complete self-paced training course for how to apply makeup professionally for any occasion. Whether it’s for casual, work, party, wedding or any formal event, you will learn the techniques makeup artists use to dazzle their clients (and you’ll look glamorous;). Once you have joined, you can start your training immediately by booking your full makeup artist class paid in full. The hands-on accompanies the professional training which will give you practical step by step demonstrations.By joining, you can complete the course at your pace. Then when you’re ready, take the examination and upload photos of the 3 bridal makeup looks and 3 celebrity makeup looks that you’ve learned. Our professional makeup artists will then review your work and provide feedback, before issuing you your certificate.     


Who is this class for? An intensive one-day course  (6pm - 9pm)  designed for the woman who wants to master the art of applying her own make-up and styling her hair. Ideal for all basic to intermediate skill levels whether you are 16 or 60.MAKE UP: Our unique programme begins with an overview of how to correctly use every make-up artist's secret weapon - brushes. Then we focus on techniques and products that will help you create a flawless, natural-looking base. Next we work on the art of highlighting and contouring the face, concealing blemishes, eye bags, disguising problem areas and enhancing your best features. Then we'll help you identify the right colour pallet to make your eyes look electric and show you how to adapt it for day and evening looks. After it's time to focus on the finishing touches - lashes, brows and lips.